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I consult in areas of Interferometry and Imaging, with an emphasis in astronomy.

I have been an active and influential radio-astronomer since first training at Jodrell Bank in 1976. I have experience of many projects in astronomy, including both successes and death marches, both as a participant and an on-looker. I am a system thinker, capable of contributing at many levels of abstraction, and also someone capable of chasing small details to a resolution.

I can do:

  • Algorithm development
  • Software development
  • Technical development
  • Technical project management
  • Reviews
  • Project scoping

I believe that a wide portfolio of technical skills are vital for sustained achievement. My technical skills include:

  • Deep understanding of interferometry and imaging
  • Mathematical analysis and modelling
  • C++ programming at design and implementation level
  • Python
  • Design, implementation, and testing of parallel, distributed, processing algorithms.
  • Technical management of small (10 - 20) teams
  • Exceptional communication skills (sought after speaker for conferences).
  • Review of technical documentation
  • Delivery mechanisms including python notebooks, github repos or similar