I have written software for many systems: the Forth machines at Jodrell Bank, the SAIL system running on the VLA Dec 10, Borland PASCAL, FORTRAN in AIPS, FORTRAN and C in the
SDE package, C++ and Glish for AIPS++/CASA, C++ for ASKAPsoft, lots of PYTHON, and probably a lot of other stuff that I've forgotten about. I've used many supercomputers, CDC 7600, CRAY X-MP, CRAY Y-MP, CRAY 2, and many Beowulf systems.

I was project manager of the AIPS++ project from 1995 to 2001. The project was renamed to
CASA in 2003. The core CASA code is available from Github at

At CSIRO I led the development of the ASKAP software package. This is not generally available.

For the SKA SDP consortium, I have led the development of the
Radio Astronomy Simulation, Calibration and Imaging Library. RASCILis a package with all the major radio-interferometry calibration and imaging algorithms. The data model is:


Here are some smaller projects: